Tinker Bell & the Lost Treasure Reference Model - ID: septtinkerbell19955



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39" x 20" x 20" balloon ship; 31.5" x 38" sign
Price: $900.00
SKU: septtinkerbell19955

This is a studio model from the Walt Disney Studios animated film Tinker Bell and The Lost Treasure (2009), the second Tinker Bell movie in the franchise. In this movie, after being denied extra Pixie Dust, Tink builds a hot air balloon to travel. This is the actual studio model of Tink's air balloon plans from the film. This would have been used for all department reference during production. It is a true one-of-a-kind as multiples were not made. The piece measure approximately 39" x 20" x 20" and is in very good condition. The plans are also printed on a plastic board that measures 31.5" x 38" that is in good condition with two 3" cracks on the bottom edge.


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