Peter Pan Original Puzzle Art - ID: septpeterpan17841




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15.5" x 20"
Price: $3,500.00
SKU: septpeterpan17841

This is a large original painting featuring imagery inspired by the Walt Disney Studios animated feature, Peter Pan (1953). This painting was created in the 1950s as the design for a tray puzzle created by Jaymar. The piece is quite large and whimsical with a fantastic image of Peter Pan and his lovably rebelious sidekick, Tinker Bell. The overall piece measures 22.25" x 26.75" framed with the opening in the frame showing the majority of the image at 15.5" x 20". We are also including one of the actual puzzles that this painting was used to create. These merchandise development and design paintings are often very hard to find, as they weren't always saved by the merchandise company, and almost never by the studio. This is a rare find and an stunningly beautiful image at that!


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