A Bug's Life Studio Used Concept Photograph - ID: octbugslife19171


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6.75" x 16"
Price: $150.00
SKU: octbugslife19171

This is an original print of digital concept art from the Pixar Studios production A Bug's Life (1998). This piece features Flik talking with the circus bugs. It was created at the studio and printed in a limited quantity to be used during the development of the film and in pitch meetings. Pixar is known for creating extensive amounts of concept art before finalizing the design of the film, and this peice would have been from the crop of final concept art presented before moving forward with production. The overall measurements of the piece are 11" x 17"" and the image itself measures 6.75" x 16". This piece is in excellent condition with small pinholes in the corners from studio use.

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