Sunkist Disneyland Map Poster - ID: augdisneyana19383


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40.75 x 27.75”
Price: $150.00
SKU: augdisneyana19383

This is an original cross-promotional marketing poster created by Sunkist in 1960. Sunkist created a promotion that allowed customers to send in 50¢ with a tear-off slip and get a full color map of Disneyland. This 40" x 32" poster would be displayed in participating orange retailers with a pad of tear off entry sheets (we do not have the entry sheets). Rather than the usual Orange Bird mascot, this poster features a young boy who looks like a red-haired Michael Darling wearing a Peter Pan inspired pajama onesie. The poster is in overall fair to good condition with edge wear and a horizontal crease where it was folded when it was originally distributed.


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