Walt Disney: The Man, the Studio, and the Parks

Auction Date: 
December 5, 2020

Van Eaton Galleries is proud to present Walt Disney: The Man, the Studio, and the Parks. This incredible auction will be held on December 5th, Walt’s birthday, and contains over 800 rare artifacts relating to the legacy of Walt Disney. This collection spans the early years of Walt’s youth, to the success and growth of his studio, to the beloved theme parks throughout the world. Highlights of this collection include hand-drawn original artwork by Walt himself, original letters from Walt to his friends and family, rare Kem Weber designed Walt Disney Studios animation desks and furniture, early original drawings for Walt’s backyard Carolwood Pacific Railroad, and some of the earliest original drawings of what would become Disneyland, as well as Disney Parks signage, props, costumes, and much more! Additional details will be posted soon.

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