Menus from the Disney Parks

One of the most enjoyable parts of any trip to the Disney Parks is the relaxation, entertainment, and most importantly the food at the restaurants. Many of us have fond memories of the meals we've shared with friends, children, and spouses, but we rarely think of the menus from these establishments as the collectible that they are. Here is a wonderful collection of menus from a variety of eateries in Disneyland and Walt Disney World.
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Aladdin's Oasis Menu - ID: augdismenu20010 Disneyana
Price: $200.00
Set of 5 Pizza Menus - ID: augdismenu20049 Disneyana
Price: $150.00
Bistro de Paris Menu - ID: augdismenu20058 Disneyana
Price: $150.00
Beirgarten Menu - ID: augdismenu20024 Disneyana
Price: $100.00