Cool Cat Cel & Background - ID: junwarner17258


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9" x 10.75"
Price: $750.00
SKU: junwarner17258

This is a production cel and background set-up from the Warner Bros animated shorts for Cool Cat (1967-1969). This set-up consists of cels featuring Cool Cat, Colonel Rimfire, and Spooky as well as a hand-painted background of a room interior. The cels and background were created at the studio and used in the creation of the 1968 episode Big Game Haunt. The piece is framed and measures 15.25" x 17.25" with the mat showing an overall image that measures about 9" x 10.75". The cel and background are in excellent condition, with the frame showing minimal wear. The last two images shown are screen grabs from the episode showing the scene that the cels are from and the scene that the background is from. These images are for reference only and are not physical prints included with the set-up.

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