Bugs Bunny Limited Edition - ID: maybugsbunny17776

Bugs Bunny Limited Edition - ID: maybugsbunny17776 Warner Bros.



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10" x 4.5"
Price: $700.00
SKU: maybugsbunny17776

This is a hand-painted limited edition featuring Bugs Bunny from the WB "Model Series" that was released in 1991. This edition was created in a limited run of only 500 pieces and features a hand-painted image of Bugs on a cel layer that is paired with a lithographically printed model sheet style background. This pice is framed and mreasures 20.75" x 23.75" overall. The overall image area is 12.5" x 15.5" and the painted image of Bugs measures about 10" x 4.5" The limited edition cel is a sold out edition and is hard to find. It is in fine condition.


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