Toy Story Promotional Marketing Box of Toys - ID: novtoystory17887


Price: $300.00
SKU: novtoystory17887

This is a studio marketing set that was distributed by PIXAR studios to movie theaters to excite them for the promotion of Toy Story. This set is very rare as it was only made for promotional purposes and most theaters would not have saved the pieces together. This set has been opened, and looks to have been played with. It still has all of the pieces except the magnetic writing board that was originally on the outside of the box. The box includes a metal Slinky, a Mr. Potato Head, a box of Army Men (I'm not positive that all of the army men are the originals from the box), an Etch a Sketch, and most importantly an original bendable Woody, and the first version of Buzz Lightyear that was produced (prior to the toy being mass marketed). There are signs of wear to the packaging as you can see in the pictures, but overall the set is in great shape and is a terrific artifact from the history of PIXAR and Toy Story.

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