Lilo & Stitch Lenticular One Sheet Poster - ID: septstitch17468


Image Size: 
40" x 27"
Price: $200.00
SKU: septstitch17360

This is an original one sheet movie poster used during the promotion of the original release of the Walt Disney Studios animated feature, Lilo and Stitch. The poster was designed with a 3-D lenticular image that would make Stitch change from an alien into a more acceptable dog-like character. Playing off of the unique role of this main character with the catch phrase, "There's One in Every Family." The poster measures 40" x 27" overall with the imagery taking up almost the entirety of the poster. This poster is in fair-good condition with a scratch on the print side of the poster that goes through Pinocchio's leg, and some fracturing to the lenticular that is only visible when you get close to the poster, it will ship rolled in a sturdy poster tube.

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