TRON Tank Pilots Ektachrome Transparency Cel - ID: jantron22203

TRON Tank Pilots Ektachrome Transparency Cel - ID: jantron22203 Walt Disney




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An Ektachrome continuous-tone transparency cel from the Walt Disney Studios live action film TRON (1982). Featuring the tank pilots, the Ektachrome cel was created at the studio and used during the production of the special effects sequences in the film. The groundbreaking film predated modern day computer animation and effects, requiring the unique lighting effects to be hand created frame by frame. This painstaking process was only used for TRON, making the film's effects artwork a special piece of movie history. Measuring 12.5"x20" overall and with the image area measuring 8.5"x19", the transparency cel is in fine condition with minimal scratches and a few small dings from handling.


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