Tarzan Background Color Key Concept - ID: octtarzan18519

Tarzan Background Color Key Concept - ID: octtarzan18519 Walt Disney




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2.25" x 4.5"
Price: $1,500.00
SKU: octtarzan18519

An original background color key concept from the Disney Studios animated film, "Tarzan" (1999). Featuring Sabor chasing Tarzan through the jungle, the hand-painted concept was created at the studio by Joaquim Royo Morales, and used during the early development process. The concept was used to develop and finalize the color palette, layout of the action, and the overall feel of the scene. When a color concept is finalized during production, it becomes the reference tool that animators use to paint cels and backgrounds, as well as to further progress through the storyboarding and layout of the individual scenes. Measuring 4"x6" overall, with the image itself measuring 2.25"x4.5", the piece is in very good condition with minor wear.

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