Pocahontas Production Drawings - ID: aprpocahontas20210

Pocahontas Production Drawings - ID: aprpocahontas20210 Walt Disney




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A pair of original production drawings from the Walt Disney Studios animated film Pocahontas (1995). Featuring Pocahontas standing over an injured John Smith, with each character on a separate sheet of paper, the drawings were created at the studio and used during the animation process. Pocahontas and John Smith were drawn by renowned Disney animators Glen Keane and John Pomeroy, respectively. Measuring 12.5"x17" each, and with an images measuring 5"x7.5" for Pocahontas and 6"x9.5" for John Smith, the drawings are in very good condition with minor handling wear. The final image shown is a photoshopped composite of the two images registered to each other, exemplifying the magic of animation!


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