101 Dalmatians Store Display Marketing Poster - ID: maydalmatians17449



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10" x 20"
Price: $50.00
SKU: maydalmatians17449

This is an original poster used by stores to promote the Walt Disney feature film, 101 Dalmatians. This poster measures 10" x 20" overall and the imagery takes up almost the entirety of the poster. This poster was printed in 1970 for a re-release of the film in the theaters and promotes the upcoming re-release of the film, and the availabiltiy of the 8mm release of "The Dapper Dalmatian" segment in stores. The poster is in fine condition with some wrinkling an dwear to the let edge, and a white spot above the word "same" which is a printing artifact, not a hole in the poster. The style of the poster was designed to match the style and colors of the packaging for the 8mm home video film.

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