Hanna Barbera Studio Memos and Materials - ID: junhbmisc9046

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11.75" x 14.25"
Price: $200.00
SKU: junhbmisc9046

This is a great binder featuring studio memos and materials from Hanna Barbera. Inside are layout, model, and animation techniques. The outside cover of the book measures 11.75" x 14.25" (1" deep) and it contains twenty-three (23) pages. Four (4) pages measure 8.5" x 11", eleven (11) measure 10" x 12.5", and eight (8) measure 11" x 13".

This piece was exhibited at the Norman Rockwell Museum in Stockbridge, MA for their 2017 exhibit, "Hanna Barbera: The Architects of Saturday Morning."

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