Mickey Mouse 23 Piece Table Setting Set of 2 Mickey Mouse Dishes with Handle - white and blue - ID: jundisneyana20094




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Price: $300.00
SKU: jundisneyana20094

A huge set of (23) table setting pieces featuring Mickey Mouse. The set includes three 12"x15.5" bamboo placemats, two large 7.25"x7.25"x2.5" miso bowls, two 5.25"x5.25"x1.75" rice bowls, two large rectangular sushi serving plates, two pairs of 9" long chopsticks, two 4.25"x5"x2.75" side plates, two 3.75"x3.75"x1.25" soy sauce bowls, one 2.5"x2.5"x3" soy sauce container, two 1.75"x1.75"x0.25" chopstick rests, and five 4"x4" bamboo coasters. The set is in very good condition and likely originated from The Home Store at Tokyo Disneyland.

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