EuroDisney Fantasia 12 Piece Dish Set by Royal Porcelain - ID: euro0001set

EuroDisney Fantasia 12 Piece Dish Set by Royal Porcelain - ID: euro0001set Disneyana



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A twelve piece dish set from the Cafe Fantasia Restaurant at EuroDisneyland. Originally created for use within the restaurant, the dishes were not intended for sale to the public. Featuring imagery inspired by the Dance of the Hours segment from Fantasia, the set includes a creamer pitcher, a sugar bowl, a sugar packet holder, a gravy boat, seven small plates, and one saucer. Measurements for the pieces in the set are as follows: the creamer pitcher is 6.5"x4.5" and 4" tall, the sugar bowl is 5.75"x3.75" and 2.5" tall, the gravy boat is 6"x2.75" and 2.5" tall, the sugar packet holder is 2.5"x3.5" and 2" tall, the small plates are 6.25" in diameter, and the saucer is 5.75" in diameter. The incomplete set is in good condition with small paint inconsistencies in areas.

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