1940s Pluto Ceramic Figurine by Shaw Pottery - ID: aprshaw22051

1940s Pluto Ceramic Figurine by Shaw Pottery - ID: aprshaw22051 Disneyana




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A vintage ceramic figurine inspired by the adorable Disney Cartoon dog, Pluto. Featuring Pluto sitting with a paw up in a begging position, the figurine was created by Evan K. Shaw Pottery in the 1940s. Measuring 3.5"x4" and 6.75" tall, the figurine is in very good condition with minor production imperfections to the glaze, crazing throughout, and light wear from age. Through the 1940s and 1950s, the Evan K. Shaw Pottery company and its sister companies, Metlox and American Pottery, produced a wide range of ceramics. In 1943, they were granted approval as a licensee to produce a range of Disney characters. These companies are no longer in business, and their highly desirable figurines are increasingly rare.


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