Rocket Jets Original Silk-Screened Disneyland Attraction Poster - ID: jul22025

Rocket Jets Original Silk-Screened Disneyland Attraction Poster - ID: jul22025 Disneyana



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A hand silk-screened poster for the Rocket Jets from Disneyland. Featuring the now defunct Tomorrowland attraction Rocket Jets, the poster was designed by Disney artist Ken Chapman, and is reminiscent of Bjorn Aronson's poster for the Astro-Jet attraction. Rocket Jets replaced Astro-Jets in July of 1967, and was further replaced by the recognizable Astro Orbitor in 1998. Like many of the travel inspired attraction posters, the vivid color palette and abstract composition are exquisite. Due to the laborious process of silk-screen printing, the park printed multiples of this poster when it was designed in 1958, and as the park displayed poster would fade and wear, a replacement would be pulled from the printed inventory. The early silk-screened posters are some of the most identifiable and vivid representations of the early park. Measuring 54"x36", the attraction poster is in very good condition with small indications of wrinkles and light edge wear that is barely visible due to linen backing preservation.


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