Lilliput Lane Tom Sawyer Island Miniature - ID: jundisneyana20158

Lilliput Lane Tom Sawyer Island Miniature - ID: jundisneyana20158 Disneyana



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A limited edition Liliput Lane sculpture of Tom Sawyer Island from Disneyland. The piece was designed by Ray Day and produced for the 2001 Disneyana Convention. The sculpture is beautifully detailed and features Harper’s Cider Mill and General Store, as well as the three-layer treehouse. Seven Hidden Mickeys can be found on the piece, commemmorating the sculptor’s seven years at Disneyana up to that time. Meauring 5.25”x7.25”x6.75” and 5.25" tall, the sculpture is in excellent condition with its original box, which shows signs of wear from storage.


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