Disneyland Frontierland Big Fig - ID: augbigfig20014

Disneyland Frontierland Big Fig - ID: augbigfig20014 Disneyana


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14"x13" and 12" tall
Price: $1,000.00
SKU: augbigfig20014

An original Big Fig depicting Frontierland that was created in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Disneyland. The statue was created by Imagineer Larry Nikolai in 2005. This Big Fig features attractions such as the Mark Twain, The Golden Horseshoe, and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. The figure is battery-operated with lights in the Frontierland gate, the top of the Mark Twain, and the campfire, although these features have not been tested. The figure measures approximately 14"x13" and 12" tall and is in fair condition, as the boat, flag, and moose all have broken pieces. Pieces are included with the piece, although they may not be easily repairable.

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