Pinocchio Background Layout Drawing by Gustaff Tenggren - ID: junpinocchio9154



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12" x 20"
Price: $50,000.00
SKU: junpinocchio9154

This is a stunning layout drawing by Disney artist and illustrator Gustaff Tenggren for Pinocchio. This is from the opening scene to the film, when Jiminy Cricket begins to tell the story. The camera focuses in on the North Star in the story book next to Jiminy, which then becomes the focal point as the camera begins a slow sweeping pan that ends on the exterior of Geppetto's workshop. The overall image is drawn on two pieces of 12.5" x 16.5" animation paper that are attached at their edges to form an overall sheet that measures 12.5" x 33". The drawing itself measures about 12" x 20" with amazing detial and depth throughout the entire presentation. The drawing is signed by Tenggren underneath the area that shows the workshop. This iconic, historic masterpiece has also been professionally framed for a stunning presentation, not pictured. (Due to the overall size of the framed piece, special shipping arrangement may be necessary).

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